Tradiciones Saludables...

How to prepare a good "mate"...

This requires a "mate" (natural gourd) and a "bombilla" (filter straw). Do not use very hot or boiling water with a metal bombilla straw.

       1- Fill the “mate” gourd to two-thirds full with “yerba mate”.

       2- Accommodate the “yerba mate” on one side of the “mate” gourd, leaving a hollow area on the other side.

       3- Add a little cold water into the hollow area you have created. Add just enough water so as to not moisten the very top of the “yerba mate”.

4- Leave the mate gourd tilted for a few minutes until the yerba mate has absorbed the water.

5-  Cover the mouth of the “bombilla” with your thumb, and insert the filtered end to the bottom of the “mate” gourd in the hollow area.

Add hot (150 degrees F) water to the hollow area until it reaches just below the top of the “yerba mate”, and you have your first prepared drink! Sip all the tea from the mate gourd, and add more hot water. Add water, sip, and repeat. The first few drinks are strong; the flavor will weaken as more water is added for each drink. Replace the “yerba mate” as needed.