Vainillas Price: $5.25

Valente Vainillas - Galletitas

•36 cookies per package
•Light, sweet and vanilla flavored
•Use for trifles, tiramisu and other desserts
•Made in Argentina
•Size - 2 x 16.9 oz/480 g

Ladyfingers are a lightly sweetened vanilla flavored cookie or biscuit primarily used as an ingredient for a variety of desserts including trifles and tiramisu. Our ladyfingers, made in Argentina by Valente, are vanilla flavored and a bit softer than most European varieties.

Although ladyfingers are delicious on their own with a cup of coffee or with a glass of champagne at special events, they are most commonly used in desserts. Typically soaked with sugar syrup or liqueur, ladyfingers can be used in cakes, trifles, fruit charlottes or tiramisu. They are also an excellent choice to serve alongside ice cream, custard or pudding.