Emoliente Mix Price: $2.75

Emoliente is a refreshing drink known for its medicinal properties, an alternative with natural herbs. Emoliente is a diuretic and can help heal urinary disorders. Some think that helps neutralize the acidity produced in the kidneys of consumed red meat, which can prevent the onset of kidney layers which are formed by excess acidity. Its nutritional value is low, but it can provide some carbohydrates, minerals and vitamin C to the diet. Its best value is a natural medicine herbal. Emoliente is mostly drunk hot, but it can also be drunk cold. Lemon juice also contains lots of vitamin C, but decomposes at high temperatures. So if we take the emollient hot, as is usual in winter, we eliminate almost all of the vitamin C, although the acidity necessary for iron uptake by the stand of alfalfa. If you take cold as can be done in the summer, it will be a good source of vitamin C. "Emoliente" combats constipation and stimulates gastric work, helping to regulate its operation. It is also said that can help maintain a fresher skin as it helps to eliminate toxins through the pores and urine. The emoliente is comforting in winter as in summer, besides being economical and tasty.